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Kai Breaux Kai B
PhD student, 2019-present
Areas of interest:  de/coloniality, critical medical studies, transnational feminism, bio/necropolitics, queer and transgender studies, and critical race studies
Ashley Barry
PhD student, 2018-present
Areas of interest: affect theory, feminist film criticism,
Madness Studies, and queer theory. 


Stephanie Bonvissuto
PhD student, 2015-
Areas of interest: gender/Sex, Identity Formation and Deployment, Embodiment and Body Politics, Feminist Theory, Social Psych ology.    
Zoey Chu
PhD student, 2019-present 
Areas of interest: transnational  feminism, gender politics in East   Asian societies
April Clark
April Clark
PhD student, 2020-present 
Areas of interest: q ueer theory, trans studies / trans of color critique, critical medical studies / feminist science studies, history of science, history of psychology
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Galia Cozzi Berrondo
PhD student, 2020-present 
Areas of interest: tr ansnational feminisms, Queer politics, Migration and mobility in Latin America, Queer and transgender studies, de/coloniality, Latinx imaginaries, Performance studies
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Annu Headshot
Annu Daftuar
PhD student, 2016-present
Areas of interest: women of color feminisms, reproductive justice movements, feminist theories and epistemologies, decolonizing methodologies.
Andy Eicher 
PhD student, 2015-present 
Areas of Interest: q ueer and feminist theory; crip theory; critical disability studies; neoliberalism; PrEP; gay/LGBT market; HIV/AIDS; queer visual cultures.
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Jose Flores-Sanchez 
PhD student, 2019-present 
Areas of Interest: d isability Studies, disability activism and organizing, Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory, Prison Abolition, Immigration, Latinx Studies, Sociology.
Hafza Girdap
PhD student, 2020-present 
Areas of interest: Feminisms and politics, f eminism and Women s Movements, Gender Equality in Muslim Context through Intersectional Lens, Women in Conflict and Post-conflict Context, Dislocated Women and Their Interactions with Other Women from Different Cultures, Religions, Ethnic Groups, Human Rights,  Women s Rights, Youth Involvement in Restructuring the Society in terms of Feminism
Yalda Nafiseh Hamidi 
Assistant Professor, Gender & Women's Studies
Minnesota State University, Mankato
PhD student, 2014-present 
Areas of Interest:  Transnational Feminism, Critical Race Feminism, Feminist Pedagogy, Middle Eastern and Islamic Feminism, Iranian Literature and Feminism.
Tasmia Haque
PhD student, 2019-present
Areas of Interest: sex uality, feminism and queer theory, agency, trauma and mental health, critical race theory, transnational activism.


Tara Holmes 
PhD student, 2015-present
Areas of interest: visual culture, queer theory, affect theory, and gender and sexuality in horror films. 
Allyse Knox-Russell
PhD student,
Areas of interest: feminist and queer theories; feminist ecological and science studies; environmental justice and health; indigeneity and settler colonialism; environmental education and land-based pedagogies; film, media, and performanc e
Valerie Moyer
PhD Student, 2016- present 
Areas of interest: critical sports studies, disability studies, queer and feminist science studies, surveillance studies
   Shruti HS
Shruti Mukherjee
PhD student, 2014-present
Areas of interest: Anti-militarization movements in Manipur, anti-occupation, grassroots women’s movements in Global South, contemporary anti-colonial movements, ethnography, state sponsored violence, fascism, borders and citizenship, security state, secessionist movements, self determination movements in Kashmir.


Alexandra Novitskaya 
PhD student, 2014-present
Areas of interest: feminist and queer theory; gender in political science; international LGBT activism; gender and sexuality in Russia; John Stuart Mill; nationalism; ideologies and propoganda. 


Francesa Petronio
PhD student, 2020-present
Areas of interest: p ost-gay politics and identity; television studies; parasocial interaction; political activism and social movements; the tactical polyvalence of discourse; alternative media; adolescence; nostalgia & reactionary populism; critical theory and disability studies; queer
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Genie Ruzicka
PhD student, 2020-present
Areas of interest: C ritical Race Studies, the intersections between race, gender, and sexuality in pop culture, television studies, consent.
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Miranda Saenz
PhD student, 2017-present
Areas of interest: Indigenous Studies, Prison Abolition, Immigration, Chicanx/Latinx Studies, Bio/Necropolitics- Sterilization and Surrogacy, Disability, Post/Decolonial Literature
Desi Self  
PhD student, 2019-present
Areas of interest: S urveillance Studies, Critical Studies of Race, Philosophy of Sex, and Radical Pedagogy.
Yesenia Torres
PhD student, 2020-present
Areas of interest:  LGBTQ+ Homelessness, Housing and Policy, Immigration, Queer and Feminist theory, Critical Race Theory, Mental Health and Trauma, Sexuality/ Sex Work
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Melis Umut


Carlos Vazquez
PhD student, 2017-present 
Areas of Interest:Critical Race Theory; Black and Latino Studies; Higher Education Studies; Disability Studies; Queer Theory; Transgender Studies; Masculinity Studie s

Graduate Alumni   

Corbman Final Headshot
Rachel Corbman 
PhD, 2019
Dissertation: “Conferencing on the Edge: A Queer History of Feminist Field Formation, 1969-89”
Committee: Victoria Hesford, Liz Montegary, Lisa Diedrich, Nancy Tomes, Kadji Amin, Jennifer Nash





No PhotoBenjamin Aaron 
MA, 2019
Dissertation:  "Symbolic Codes and Discourses of Whiteness, White Femininity, and Neoliberal Femininity in Pop Music."
Committee:  Liz Montegary, Nancy Hiemstra, Vicky Hesford
Maggie H
Margaret Hill
MA, 2018
Thesis, "Reproductive Constraint: The Face of Modern Motherhood in an Era of Global Climate Change/Pollution and Neoliberalism"
Committee: Mary Jo Bona, Ritch Calvin, Kristina Lucenko
JoieJoie Meier 
MA, 2018
Thesis, "White Supremacy in the Northeast: Keystone United in Pennsylvania"
Committee: Nancy Hiemstra, Zebulon Miletsky
Placement, Ph.D. student in Gender Studies at Indiana University 
Emily Whearty 
MA, 2017
Thesis, "Animating Food: Analyzing Choice, Control, and Disability"
Committee: Michele Friedner, Lisa Diedrich, Mary Jo Bona 
Placement, Precinct Advocate at L.I. Against Domestic Violence 
Laura Laura Abbasi-Lemmon 
MA, 2016
Thesis, "Experiencing and Knowing Pregnant Bodies: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Pregnancy Texts"
Committee:  Lisa Diedrich, Liz Montegary, Michele Friedner
Placement, Ph.D. student in Women's Studies at UMD