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Pregnancy Against Reproductive Futurism 
(How to Think the Present?)
For decades feminists have been challenging the presumption that pregnancy only has meaning and value in relation to the future child it is expected to produce. Under this presumption, the pregnant person herself is reduced to a ‘maternal environment’, or framed as a figure of potential harm or impediment to the imagined child and, indeed, the very future itself. This paper will consider such feminist arguments in light of Lee Edelman’s influential polemic against reproductive futurism and the symbolism of the Child, identifying points of overlap that provoke a series of questions, including: Can pregnancy be conceptualized in terms that exceed or escape the logics of reproductive futurism? 
Victoria Browne   is Lecturer in Politics at Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has published articles on feminist theory, philosophy, temporality, and memory. Her first book,   Feminism, Time and Nonlinear History was published by Palgrave in 2014.





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Carceral Interstices: Legitimacy on the Move

Recent scholarship on carceral spaces and circuits invites attention beyond the walls of prisons and immigration detention facilities, and calls for investigations of the carceral interstices­—sites including short term holding rooms, police precincts, reporting centers, courts, and transportation systems—where spatial control is exercised and where individuals can be confined in the name of state authority. As individuals pass along a trajectory of these interstitial spaces, they come face to face with exertions of control as well as with efforts to elaborate and instantiate legitimacy under circumstances where an array of state and non-state actors are involved in producing and performing makeshift spaces of authority. Drawing on new and ongoing research in the UK and US, and from scholarly work in critical migration studies and feminist political geography, this paper has three interconnected aims: first, to identify and map legitimacy on the move, second to consider its impact for those who experience it, and, finally, to conceptualize its meaning and implications for understanding carceral spaces in contemporary society. 

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  BIO:  Deirdre Conlon is lecturer/ assistant professor in critical human geography at the University of Leeds. Her research examines tensions around migration and policies and practices designed to control and manage immigrants and citizenship more broadly. Her projects include examining the ‘intimate’ economies of immigration detention in the US, the proliferation of carceral spaces, the everyday material, social and political consequences of ‘securitization’ as well as possibilities for activism that contests injustices that coincide with these developments. Publications include:   Intimate economies of immigration detention: critical perspectives  (2016) (published by Routledge, co-edited with Nancy Hiemstra) as well as recent journal articles in   Territory, Politics, Governance;   Progress in Human Geography; and   ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies.

    Women's, Gender, & Sexually Studies Department & The Humanities Institute presents:
  "   The Hormone Myth  
A book launch/discussion 
Tuesday, Sept. 26th @ 4pm 
Humanities Institute - Room 1008

Hormone Myth



Book Group: Diedrich's Direct Action 
Date: Wed, May 17, 2017
Time: 2:30-4:00pm
Location: Poetry Center (Humanities Bldg)
Join us for an informal discussion of Lisa Diedrich's newest book Indirect Action:  Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, AIDS, and the Course of Health Activism. Michele Friedner and Liz Montegary will prepare some questions to kick off the discussion. Please come having read the book and with some questions of your own. Rumor has it the author will attend! So bring your copy to get it signed.