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About Navigate

Navigate is a mobile advisor that gets you from orientation to graduation. The app helps you choose the right major, navigate requirements from financial aid to course registration, and stay on top of important dates and deadlines—all in the palm of your hand.

Navigate has made staying on top of the things you need to do and making the important decisions of college easier. It’s the ultimate guide to build a path to graduation—and stay on that path.


Know When Important Milestones Are Coming Up: From attending orientation to preparing for finals, now there’s a clear timeline of what you need to do. Within each task, Navigate connects you to the links and resources you need to get things done.

Find the Right Fit:Navigate's Major Exploration tool connects your interests and goals to the right major —fill out a short survey and see which programs match!

Learn How to Get the Most Out of College:Navigate provides all the steps to start college on the right foot. Get handy tips and tutorials on everything from getting involved in student organizations to paying for college.

Connect to the Support You Need—Faster: Have questions or run into a problem? Navigate's appointment scheduler gets you facetime with the people who can help. Best of all, the appointments sync with your phone’s calendar.


Stony Brook University acquired Navigate using funds from the SUNY Performance and Investment Fund grant, which we were awarded in 2016. Navigate's implementation is a collaboration between the Office of the President, Division of Undergraduate Education, Office of Enrollment and Retention Management, Office of Student Accounts, Undergraduate Colleges and Division of Information Technology. Navigate is a product of The Advisory Board Company.