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University Central Travel Account (CTA)

To eliminate "out of pocket" travel expense related to the purchase of airline and rail tickets required for University/Research related travel by Research Foundation employees, the following process has been defined utilizing the University's Citibank Visa Central Travel Account. This process can be utilized through the State contracted travel agent Euro Lloyd Travel, to secure special city pair rates.

Procedure for Using the CTA

  1. RF traveler or department administrator contacts Euro Lloyd Travel at (631) 632-7799 for a quote on required fares, stating that they want to use the contracted NYS City Pair Rates, if available. If not available, Euro Lloyd Travel will make best-published rate available to the traveler.
  2. Traveler will prepare an RF requisition, attach the quote received from Euro Lloyd Travel and have it approved by the Office of Grants Management for funds availability and appropriateness.
  3. On sponsored accounts, travel on IDC funds must have approval of appropriate Dean or area V.P.
  4. Upon approval, traveler will bring or send requisition to the Procurement Office, who will place the ticket order with Euro Lloyd Travel.
    This part of the process must be completed within 24 hours of receiving the quote from Euro Lloyd Travel for the quote to remain valid.
  5. Euro Lloyd Travel will provide courier service of paper tickets to traveler if required.
  6. Transaction will be processed by the University Accounting Office and the traveler's Research Foundation account will be charged.
  7. All other trip related expenses (per diem lodging, per diem meals, miscellaneous items, etc.) will continue to be after the fact travel reimbursements utilizing a travel voucher. Travelers should continue to attach air/rail ticket coupons if available to the travel voucher which will be non-reimbursable.