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Andy Eicher
PhD Student, 2015-present
  Humanities 2063
  Fall 2020 Office Hours:
 Tuesday/Wednesday 10-11:30am
 by  appointment only; email for details

Graduate Certificates, Cultural Studies; Disability Studies Stony Brook University, 2018
MA, Cultural Analysis and Theory, Stony Brook University, 2018
MA, Media Studies, The New School, 2014
BA, Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 2010
Advisor: Lisa Diedrich
Committee: Lisa Diedrich, Liz Montegary, Pamela Block
Dissertation Title:   PrEParing for the Future: HIV/AIDS, Personal Responsibility, and Imagining Otherwise
My dissertation considers cultural representations of HIV/AIDS historically and contemporarily. Through queer and feminist theory and critical disability studies, I examine the relationship between activism, public health policy, and gay and lesbian politics in the United States. Central to my argument is a critique of the promotion of public/community health and safety campaigns, and the metaphoric and built infrastructure that sustain them. Because broad concepts of “public” and “community” are almost always based around cis, white, straight, middle class, and able-bodied people, my project explores how public health efforts actually shift resources and attention away from marginalized populations. My project also explores how knowledge is produced and circulated with particular attention to the implications of a moment where “alternative facts” abound and increasingly people are resistant to accept information at odds with their worldview. Cherry-picking information is not a new behavior, and I argue queer, feminist, and disability rights activists and academics are uniquely suited to remedy this given the long-established use of such information against them. Ultimately, I argue for the possibilities in building community, coalitions, and imagining the future otherwise.