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Info and Requirements    

The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a course of study that leads to the Graduate Certificate in WGSS. The program has affiliated faculty members from more than 20 different programs in the social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and health sciences. The program is designed to allow students working toward a degree in departments such as Art, English, History, Philosophy, Theatre, Music, , Psychology, or Sociology to draw on faculty whose work deals with gender and sexuality issues in a wide range of disciplines. Since WGSS has affiliates in nearly every department in the social sciences and humanities, the certificate program offers graduate students the opportunity for an unusually rich interdisciplinary experience.

The graduate certificate entails three required seminars—feminist theory, feminist histories and methodologies, and the teaching practicum in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies— and two electives that can be taken with affiliated faculty in the student’s home department or from a list of seminars offered by faculty affiliates in other departments. Recent and future courses offered by our core faculty and affiliates include, for example, “Modernism and Cultural Studies,” “Madness and Civilization, 1960-1980,” “Globalization and Gender,” “Fashion in Theory and Film,” and “Race, Gender, and Global Culture,” and “Silk, Gold and Spices: Literature and International Trade.” Where courses are not available for a particular topic, students may arrange directed readings with an affiliated faculty member.

It is expected that most students can fulfill the requirements for the Graduate Certificate in WGSS while working toward the master’s, doctoral, or other degree. Students should consult with their home program to determine whether the credits earned in the certificate program can be used toward their degrees.

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

The Graduate Certificate Program in WGSS is designed to provide an interdisciplinary course of instruction for students already enrolled in a graduate degree-granting program or to those admitted to the free-standing Graduate Certificate Program. To earn the certificate, students must complete a minimum of 15 graduate credits in courses approved for the Certificate Program. Approved credits earned toward a graduate degree in another program or department may be applied toward the Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies. Students should consult with their home programs to determine whether credits earned for the certificate can be applied to the master’s or doctoral degree.

Core Requirements (9 credits):

WST 600 Histories and Methods of Gender Studies
WST 601 Feminist Theories
WST 698 Practicing Women’s and Gender Studies

Graduate Electives  (6 credits): 
Only one elective (3 credits) may be a readings course taken with an affiliated faculty member and with approval from the WGSS graduate director.