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When to Seek Therapy

The decision to see a therapist is a very personal decision. Many times, people choose therapy during times of stress and emotional pain, and it may also be when you want to grow and mature.

The following are issues or experiences during which you might seek therapy:

  • Undue, prolonged anxiety

  • Depression or mood swings

  • School problems or employment issues

  • Loneliness

  • Difficulties in relationships

  • Life events: marriage, divorce, death, parenthood, blended family issues, retirement, aging process, adolescence, etc.

  • Chronic physical illness caused by tension and stress

  • Problems following traumatic events such as accidents, childhood abuse, etc.

  • Problems with domestic violence or other forms of abuse

  • Stress in the face of chronic or terminal illness or other health problems

  • Constant worries or obsessions

  • Excessive anger, frustration, or guilt with no resolution

  • Self-destructive thoughts and behavior

  • Problems with drugs or alcohol

The decision to call a therapist may be a difficult one but is viewed as a strength - not knowing the answers to all your life questions is normal. Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, a therapist will listen to your concerns and help you decide upon the most appropriate course of action.