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workplace happinessHappiness at Work

Workplace Happiness Facts

The Scandinavians are the only people in the world who have a word for happiness at work: Arbejdsglaede.

The Japanese have a word for death by overwork: Karoshi.

Among age groups, those 50 and older are more likely to be very happy than younger Americans. Women are happier than men. And members of either the Democratic or Republican parties are happier than political Independents. See additional happiness research results at 2013 Happiness Poll.

Happy people…

  • do better work
  • are more productive
  • are more helpful
  • are better at service
  • are more focused on quality
  • are better team players
  • are more open
  • are more likeable
  • show more empathy
  • are more optimistic
  • are more motivated
  • are more engaged
  • are more energetic
  • learn faster
  • are better leaders

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